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Tower Life
This picture was taken at Enilda Tower, which was in the Slave Lake Forest ... but is now part of East Peace  Forest Area. This is our Initial attack crew loading up to investigate a reported smoke.
This picture was taken from Chisholm Tower. This  is the Mitsue Lake Fire shortly after it started. It had started about two days earlier and was just cresting the hill , moving towards me. The Athabasca River was between me and the fire.
This picture was taken from Mayberne tower. It is of an approaching storm, as it comes over the Rocky Mountains.  It is a time laps photo. It was very exhilarating to watch an approaching storm.
This picture was also taken from MayberneTower. Lightning storms seem to follow the same paths time after time. They would come north thru the Divide in the Rockies.
This picture was taken at Red Earth Tower in the Slave Lake Forest. The picture is of a fire that was south of the hamlet of Red Earth Creek. It was about 40 km. south of me. It never grew much bigger.  THANK GOD!!!
This picture was also taken at Mayberne Tower. It  was taken by me. It is one of the few times that I have had the privilege of seeing an undercast sky.......What a beautiful site !!!!!
This picture was taken  at Mayberne Tower in the Edson Forest, It was just a practice.  The force of that mud hitting the trees was tremendous. 
This picture was taken at Red Eath Tower. I liked the way this tower site was set up. The tower and cabin were set up on top of a mound of earth.  unique site!!!
This picture is of a Bomber practice at Mayberne Tower. It is one of the Ducks practicing...They can skim water right out of a lake that is close to the fire.
This picture was taken at Mayberne Tower... I spent four great seasons there. It was in the foothills of the Rockies, on the eastern side. The view from the edge of the hill was spectacular!
The pictures on this page were taken by me at various Tower sites that I have worked at  through out northwestern Alberta, Canada.  Hope you enjoy them...
This picture was taken on 22/04/2000...These are the tools of my trade. An Osborn Firefinder and Binoculars. With a cross shot map in the back ground.
This is a picture of our man up  machine going on a loaded patrol. This helicopter will hold three firefighters and pilot.  22/04/2000
YHB coming in for a landing after a loaded patrol.. It had been a quiet day around here.                04/22/2000
There are numerous helicopters just like this one , on patrols across Alberta..22/04/2000
This is a map of the Lac La Biche Fire Zone
Our day out ...... Had to have a closer look at the Bombers that fly over me all the time. Very impressive!!!!!
This is a picture of  one of our crews. These guys were stationed at my tower for a week.Taken on June 5th/2000

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