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Alberta Fire Towers A.M. Weather Data

Elk Bath........ Photo by John McColgan
Taken Aug. 6, 2000 , East fork of the Bitterroot River where it crosses under Hwy. 93 near Sula MT.

The Fire Towers of New York

Fire Towers of Ontario

Angeles National Forest Fire Lookout Association


The Red Green Show


The Red Green Show

Ranger Gord


Fire Warden who has been manning his Fire Watch Tower for 16 years without a vacation, a professional development day, or more than five minutes sleep. Naturally this lack of rest has somewhat lowered Ranger Gord's efficiency--he once mistook a log for a naked woman. He's also had no pay cheque for the last 15 years, but when Red suggests head office may have forgotten him he poo-poos the idea with a kind of desperate look in his eyes. Gord has had no visitors, male or especially female, so he's somewhat needy and desperate when anyone shows up. So no one does. Except Red. Ranger Gord is eager to please, "Look Red I opened five cans of creamed corn in honour of your visit." Red never stays long, and Gord tries not to cry or scream when Red goes...."Come back soon. Good to see you... See you soon. Tomorrow maybe?" Gords only friends are the animals. And the bugs. And the plants. And many rocks. Well, actually the rocks think he's a bit wearing and annoying.