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                   Good Friends
I don't want to possess you:
I want to be a hand to hold when you'd like one
Support you when you stumble.
Say 'You can do it!' when you feel like giving up.

I don't want to restrict you:
I want to inspire you.
Give you the confidence to do more , try more.
Help you know you can make your mark upon the world , if you want to.
Applaud you.

I don't want to invade your space:
I want you to have space when you want to be alone.
I'm around so you never need to feel lonely.
So you always have someone to laugh with, cry with, work with, play with, hug, trust, let off steam with, talk to, share with, experience life with, understand you, be on your side.
So you always have someone to love you.

I don't want to take yur time:
I want to give you mine, if you want it.
Share with you the little things that happen to us both everyday, and the big stuff;
I want our time together to be the best investment we'll ever make.
                                                 Poem by Annie Bishopp
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