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My Fire Tower Pictures
My Introduction To Fire Towers
After a week of on the job training at Ansel Tower I made my way to my new summer home, Mayberne Fire Tower. Mayberne is located North of Edson, on the ridge west of Silver Summit Ski Hill. It is a very picturesque site with a stunning view of the divide in the Rockies. I spent four years there and have enjoyed every minute of it ever since.


Bomber practice at Mayberne Tower

Huge Storm cell coming over the Rockies

Tranquil Undercast Day

Worlds Largest Waterbomber
The Martin Mars

The Marten Mars was brought into Slave Lake from B.C. for a few days.  It is the worlds largest water bomber and is only capable of landing on water.  It has a wing span of two hundred feet and can fly for eight hours straight. The Mars can scoop up to six thousand gallons of water, which is equal to five Ducks!(CL215's)